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Have you tried using Harmless Cigarette by itself or together with NRT?

Used only Harmless Cigarette
Used Harmless Cigarette and other NRT

Is this your first attempt to quit smoking? If not, how many times have you tried to quit?

Yes, this is my first time attempting to quit smoking.
I have attempted to quit more than 5-10 times before.

Was there an issue with the product or was the product damaged?

The product I received was damaged. (Please explain)
There was no issue with the product, I just don’t like it.

Have you tried or used other quit smoking products previously?

I have tried/used nicotine products. (gum, patches, lozenges)
I have tried / used smoking cessation medication.

On a scale from 1-10 how committed are you to quit smoking?

[1 - being not so committed and 10 - being extremely committed]

(Enter your number here)

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