Quit WTR® Cinnamon

Quit WTR® Cinnamon

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Quit WTR® Cinnamon Blend – Strong and bold fiery flavor in every shot.

Drink a shot of Quit WTR® and quickly forget about lighting up. Quit WTR® can help you get through the day without giving in to the urge to smoke.

Natural, 0-Calorie, 2.5oz

How it works

Quit WTR® helps prevent the urge to smoke all day.

Quit WTR® is a fast-acting smoking cessation supplement specifically formulated to help you fight against cravings with a natural blend of herbs and spices. It offers support to help you overcome the urge to smoke before and after quitting.


Don’t let cravings get in your way.

Quit WTR® acts as a barrier to defeat cravings and keep them away for good. The herbal ingredients used in Quit WTR® can help you feel calm and relaxed to get through stressful moments or withdrawal symptoms when you first stop smoking.

Why use quit wtr?

Take the struggle & stress out of quitting.

The habit of smoking can be difficult to break, but it can be replaced. Quit WTR® is intended to help people stop smoking cigarettes. Whether you want to quit one day at a time or one cigarette at a time Quit WTR® can help.


Make this the time you finally quit for good.

Manage your cravings by drinking a shot of Quit WTR® whenever you get an urge to smoke. Use Quit WTR® throughout the day as needed and around the same times you would smoke. Even if you’re not ready to stop smoking completely, you can still use Quit WTR® – When, where and how you quit is up to you.

Recommended dosage for optimal results


If you smoke 20+ cigarettes per day

Drink 3 Bottles Per Day


If you smoke 5-10 cigarettes per day

Drink 2 Bottles Per Day


If you smoke 1-5 cigarettes per day

Drink 1 Bottles Per Day


Light Smoker

If you smoke 1-5 cigarettes per day

Drink 1 Bottle Per Day

Moderate Smoker

If you smoke 5-10 cigarettes per day

Drink 2 Bottle Per Day

Heavy Smoker

If you smoke 10+ cigarettes per day

Drink 3 Bottle Per Day

  • Nicotine-Free / Drug-Free / Product of U.S.A.
  • Safe Way To Quit Smoking & Improve Health
  • 0 calories, Sugar-Free & No weight gain
  • Perfect size to take with you anywhere (2.5 oz)
  • Overcome the urge to smoke quickly & easy.
  • Maximum Craving Relief & Long Lasting Results
  • Helps Reduce Stress & Promote Relaxation
  • Increase Your Chances Of Quitting For Good!


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